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At Allure Beyond Beauty we offer private and small group trainings for Ombre Powder Brows and 3D Areolas. Our trainings will help elevate and refine your work as an artist rather if you are a beginner or an expert.
You will learn the secrets to take your artistry skill to the next level. 


Private Ombre Powder training is offered by Randalyn at Allure Beyond Beauty. In this course, I will be sharing my unique brow shaping and shading techniques. This course is for both beginners and advanced students. We will train and prepare students with the foundational skills needed to assess and execute flawless eyebrows. This course can be offered online or in person. The E-book is available online.  


Students will have hands-on training with a live model under the instructor's close supervision and guidance if they wish to take this course in person. Certificates will be assigned to students upon completion.


Learn the

  • Hands-on training with live model

  • Product knowledge 

  • Pre-care requirements

  • Skin types

  • Pigments

  • Color selections and corrections

  • Corrective work: do's & dont's

  • Hand movement, pressure & speed 

  • Brow mapping

  • Touchups & aftercare instructions

  • Photo editing

  • Favorite apps

  • Marketing tips & tricks 

  • How to gain clientele 

  • Consultation & consent forms

  • Set-up & sanitation

  • 3 month continuous support


What's included in the

  • In-Depth training manual

  • PRO PMU machine

  • Charging adapter

  • Pigments

  • Numbing cream

  • Disposable ink trays

  • Practice skins

  • Gel/ wax markers

  • Mapping stickers

  • Baby wipes

  • Bandage wrap

  • Razors

  • Caliper

  • Needles

Allure Pro Kit Supplies


This course is an an in-depth medical tattoo course that uses the skills of an experience paramedical tattoo artist, and applies them to medical tattooing. This is the most advanced medical tattoo course you can find teaching areola tattooing, and this course can be taken online at your own pace or in-person.


Our advanced training class aims to spread professional knowledge of medical tattooing for post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors. We have created a high-quality training that provides a dynamic process to create long lasting and realistic areola nipple tattoos. If you stay dedicated and pratice, you will have the honor of delivering these techniques to hospitals and medical offices, which can be covered by your client's insurance. 


Learn the

  • Learn expert tips & tricks

  • Pre-care requirements

  • Hands-on training with live model*

  • Pigment selections

  • Insurance Overview

  • Allure 3D Areola design Techniques 

  • Tray setup

  • Breast Mapping

  • Touchups & aftercare instructions

  • Breast Cancer/ Surgery Overview

  • Detailed Training Manual

  • Marketing strategies

  • Support up to 3 months

  • Consultation & consent forms

  • Sanitation/PPE

  • Certificate of Completion

  • and more!

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3D Paramedical Areola Tattoo

1-Day, 3D Areola Private 1~on~1 Training without Pro Kit

$1,000 | Look and Learn Setting

Allure Custom Colors

2-Day, 3D Areola Private 1~on~1 Training with Pro Kit

$1,800 | Lunch provided | Live Model *


3D Areola Paramedical Tattooing Online Training

$875 | Self-paced | Online | Starter Kit

Banner Image for Paramedical Areola Tattoo Course

Randalyn's Microshading Ombre Brows E-book

$400 | Online | E-Book | Zoom Call

Banner Image for Randalyn's Ombre Brows Ebook


Hey there! I’m Randalyn, founder and owner of Allure Beyond Beauty, established in 2017. With a cosmetology license in hand, I embarked on a journey to redefine beauty standards and make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.


Initially specializing in brows, I soon felt the urge to innovate within an industry I felt was oversaturated. This led me to pivot towards offering paramedical tattoo services for individuals affected by breast cancer. Witnessing the transformative power of my work ignited a newfound passion for supporting the breast cancer community.


Driven by this purpose, I expanded my repertoire, exploring the versatility of the lightweight machine to offer tiny tattoos and other cosmetic services. Today, I proudly collaborate with leading plastic surgeons, united in our mission to empower individuals and enhance their confidence.


I had to opportunity to be one of the first few people who got the chance to complete the online 3D areola training, and I must say, Randalyn covered everything I needed to know as a beginner. I loved how I was able to work at my own pace and work my full time job at the same time. The Zoom meetings were extremely helpful. Randalyn was always there when I needed help and to answer any questions I had. The breakdown of the course was unmatched. Her ability to facilitate things into the lowest terms made a world of difference. I would recommend the online course to anyone. I honestly feel like I can take on my first live client soon. 10/10 RECOMMENDED!

I'm new to the PMU industry and I started with Allure's E-book for Microshading and it was everything I imagined. The information provided was beyond thorough. Simple mapping techniques, color formulas, understanding the skin types were all a breeze. Since downloading the E-book, I emailed Randalyn and she always quick to respond to my concerns. Love how she has the spirit of "never giving up on you!"


The professionalism is what stood out the most for me. I can tell that Randalyn puts her heart and soul into what she does for the breast cancer community. You can feel her ginuwine personality in each call. You can tell that she does not do what she does for the money. She genuinely walks you through every step and takes her time with you. I'm now set to schedule my first live client all thanks to Allure Beyond Beauty online 3D Areola training.  


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